Just In 👉 Volcan de mi Tierra Debuts Tahona Made Blanco




tldr; amazing view!! but the drinks didn’t really speak out to us


W x Y ($18):
- woodford reserve, basil, cucumber, yuzu, lemon, lime juice
- cucumber makes it chill and refreshing
- smooth, none of the alcohol after taste
- 8.3/10 (mik says he gives 8.5 but i think it’s not super unique)


calypzo ($27):
- veritas rum, campari, cocchi rosa americano, vanilla, strawberry shrub
- looks like an old fashioned but it’s not!
- they described it as a light hearted drink but no leh quite strong and bitter ded
- vanilla and strawberry comes in the middle but there’s this bitter after taste
- 7/10  


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