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Bak Kut Teh Cocktail? Bar Trigona Unveils New Menu “Foraged Malaysia”

Award-winning Malaysian bar, Bar Trigona at the Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur, has just launched its newest cocktail menu, “Foraged Malaysia”. The new menu plays homage to Malaysia’s rich diversity of local ingredients and beverage rituals, consisting of a total line up of sixteen truly Malaysian cocktails.

The menu is divided across four sections, each corresponding to a distinct region in Malaysia: Sabah, Sarawak, Peninsula and Islands. Each region is represented by four different types of cocktails, designed to take guests on a liquid exploration of Malaysian through the use of homegrown flavours and nostalgic drink traditions, refreshed with modern mixology techniques.

Among the sixteen cocktails are a few dish-inspired highlights that local foodies are bound to salivate at. This includes the Laksa Licious, a cognac-forward interpretation of Penang Laksa, a Malaysian spicy noodle dish and the Bak Kut Eh?, a whisky-based cocktail inspired by the popular Malaysian pork bone broth dish.

There’s also cocktails that places the spotlight on certain botanicals unique to each region. Take for example, the Kunyit Royale, a cocktail inspired by the Sabahan custom of using turmeric leaves to wrap foods fragrant with ginger and herbs, which utilizes four types of local ginger root to create a spicy, aromatic tipple. There’s also the Sarawak Bubbles, a cocktail that will change through the four seasons of the year, incorporating a different citrus fruit that’s in harvest in that particular season. Sarawak Bubbles is also complemented by Asam Paya, a palm fruit from Sarawak that lends a blush pink tint.

Rohan Matmary, Head Bartender at Bar Trigona (Image source: Bar Trigona)

On the reason behind creating a menu of foraged ingredients across the country, Head Bartender Rohan Matmary explained:

“When we look at the world with new eyes, we find endless possibilities hiding in plain sight. From garden blossoms and fruit peels to spice boxes and tea rituals, there are so many elements of daily life that can be reinterpreted in exciting new ways.”

If you think about it, the new menu is pretty appropriate for Bar Trigona, which has gained a name known for its ethos of sustainability in its operations. To that end, the team often takes a hyperlocal approach to sustainability, focusing on procuring the majority of its ingredients from local farmers and working closely with local partners that advocate sustainable farming practices. The new menu “Foraged Malaysia” fits in perfectly, with its focus on native ingredients that minimizes the carbon footprint of Bar Trigona’s operations.

The new menu is ready for sipping from 3rd March. Reservations can be made here.


Bar Trigona

Four Seasons Place

145 Jalan Ampang

Kuala Lumpur 50450, Malaysia