Just In 👉 Compass Box Introduces Us To Some Crimson Casks


SIMIK DRINKS: 28 HongKong Street


tldr; was a little too noisy for convo, the drinks were not too bad but it seems like nth on the menu will call for a visit soon enough



old fashion ($28):
- michter’s bourbon, monkey shoulder whisky, brown butter, salted maple, smoke
- classic old fashioned but slightly on the sweeter side (for me)
- can really taste the maple syrup
- 7/10



spicy guava margarita ($26):
- corazon reposado tequila, la travesia mezcal, agave, pink guava, sour plum, firewater
- balanced concoction of tequila and mezcal
- the spice adds an interesting touch
- 7.5/10 


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