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SIMIK DRINKS: Manhattan Bar

tldr; they offer a super wide selection of prestigious spirits, and the place has a very mysterious high-society vibes!! menu is super cool but honestly the drinks like sama sama one


3000 ($26):
- u get a sip of the vanilla cream with strawberry dust before tasting thr flor de caña 12 years rum
- subtle hints of chocolate
- this was served warm, v cozy!! low key christmas vibes
- 7/10 potent 😬
- overall rating: 7.5/10



the big apple cider ($28):
- could barely taste the michter’s rye 🥲
- apple cider cordial probably makes up 70% of the drink, and the aftertaste is white wine dry curacao
- rating: 6/10



omega glory ($26): 
- very strong smokey taste from the remy martin vsop cognac
- woodford reserve double oak whiskey, amaro montenegro
- clarified milk punch, toasted peanuts
- rating: 6/10 (but quite a bang for your buck considering all the nice whiskeys they have in there) 




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