Just In 👉 Compass Box Introduces Us To Some Crimson Casks



tldr; the seasoning on the nuts is damn nice, they smoked it just before serving us! anyway we loved this place, will definitely be back to try the other things on the menu 😚



love handles ($24):
- botanist gin, rosé, white port, strawberry, pink himalayan salt, bacon & addiction
- first thing we taste is the gin, couldn’t rly taste the rosé
- fresh & floral, light & clean
- not super complex? so 6.5/10?

sneak & peak ($26):
- monkey shoulder smokey monkey, barrel aged gin, tobacco, benedictine, black tea mancino rosso & flask
- inspired by peaky blinders oooo
- caramel notes of the popcorn goes well with the smokeyness
- smokey and earthy
- intense & heavy, but round & complex
- well balanced, 8/10



play well ($25):
- burnt butter nikka days whisky, bols genever, toffee apple cordial, angostura & lego
- spirit forward
- smell the butter, then taste the butter before you taste the apple flavours
- round & complex
- 7.5/10  


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