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SIMIK DRINKS: Second Time at Republic Bar

Second time @ republic!!! tq cassandra for the free bubbly hehehe



Breakfast at Tiffany’s ($26):
- monkey 47 gin hits u real hard!!
- strongest drink of the night no cap… because on top of the gin there was rinomato bianco and dry vermouth LOL
- subtle hints of english breakfast tea in the first sip
- 6.5/10, maybe im not a huge fan of gin to like this enough?



Hot buttered rum ($26):
- bacardi, butter, festive spices
- so when u get the drink, u catch a whiff of the spices
- then u taste the butter foam, which is followed through by the bacardi
- apparently they put caramel into the drink
- 10/10 will order again 🤩



Leather jacket ($26):
- buffalo trace bourbon whiskey because a leather jacket is made from cow’s hide HAHAHA
- anyway this was super smooth, whiskey taste was not super strong but the concoction made it rly drinkable
- subtle hint of peanut butter and pecan
- raspberry leather
- 8.5/10



Cruella ($26):
- cádigo blanco tequila comes out in the aftertaste!!
- lychee, raspberry, yogurt and cream; perfect for the inner child wuhu
- 7.5/10


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