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all drinks were good, but if i had to rank them:
1. carpe diem
2. sussex myth / becky’s orchard
3. party in surrey
4. fancy a cuppa?!
5. over the sea
6. nippon 75



carpe diem smelt so good leh, yinghui always gets the best drinks!! sussex myth was so aromatic with the addition of the rosemary while becky’s orchard tasted like a fruit punch with a little bit of tea in it

party in surrey was served as a cocktail with a separate shot of prosecco, mixed them but the flavour of the passionfruit was a little too much. ordered over the sea because it looked like something mik would like, quite sweet & smooth for a whisky based cocktail. nippon 75 just felt like something we can concoct at home 


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