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Your Neighbourhood Beer Uncle: The Beer People Company

I was out one sweltering afternoon, baking under the sun, thinking “wow, it sure would be great if there’s something cold and refreshing to deal with this 2pm heat”. 

Low and behold, I stumbled upon The Beer People Company, with a signed that read 啤酒大叔 (which translates to Big Beer Uncle). There was also a faint smell of charred meats and thai sweet sauce wafting out of the place. I haven’t had my lunch, and I’m in need of a cold beverage, and I sure as heck need to escape this unholy afternoon sun. What better combination?

The cloudless sky would have been more enjoyable if it wasn't upwards of 34°C that day.

Right at the entrance, you’re given supermarket sized baskets -  as tempting as it was, I am unable to down more than 2 pints of beer on a good night, much less in the afternoon. This isn’t your everyday beer place - there’s quite a respectable collection of local Singaporean beers on display, some even making it to the best sellers.

What really caught my eye was the staff’s picks however. Given that there were over 150 different labels to try, it was a much needed recommendation to cut down on decision fatigue.

I sat down, and ordered the must-have of any Thai eatery: the grilled deliciousness that is Moo-Ping. And to say, the moo-ping here didn’t disappoint, especially paired with the chili sauce. However, the grilled pork skewers are leaning towards the sweeter side here.

I picked up two beers at random to taste: the Eclipse of the Sun Scottish Ale from Sunbird Brewery and the Ise Kadoya Premium Pale Ale. The Eclipse of the Sun Scottish Ale was uncomplicated - thick, syrupy, sweet with a deep malty flavour. However, given how sweet my moo-ping was, this beer wasn’t as great of a pairing. I could see this being great for firefighting a spicy Tom Yum however.

The Ise Kadoya was a much needed reset - with just the right hoppy bitterness and juicy flavours that feels like a nice palate cleanser from the greasier foods. Pairing this with the heavier meat dishes like the moo-ping or as a take-five from piles of fried foods will be excellent.

All in all, the Beer People Company is a cosy, unassuming place that’s great for hangouts over thai food. It caters to a relatively wide beer audience, from the novices who are scared to venture out to different craft brands to seasoned beer drinkers who could spot their favourites from a mile away. It’s definitely going to be one of my options for a wallet-friendlier spot (whisky tastings get really expensive after a while).

The full roster of beers in The Beer People Company. Shout-out to the local breweries in Singapore!

I'll be posting my review on the beers separately - stay tuned!