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Choya Yuzu, 14.7% ABV

This reminds us of...

A Japanese take on limoncello!  

Try this if...

You are looking for a sweet-sour refreshment to cut through any greasy, fried Chinese New Year snacks. 

Pssst, did you know...

The yuzu used in this bottle were cultivated from Shikoku island in Japan!


Over the last weekend here in Singapore, my family and I celebrated the Lunar New Year holidays. Somewhere between the non-stop games of mahjong and blackjack (spoiler alert: I lost money) and non-stop snacking on pineapple tarts and grilled Chinese pork jerky bak kwa (spoiler alert: I gained weight), my visiting cousin busted out a bottle of Choya Yuzu and began pouring out glasses. Being the sucker for umeshu that I am, I gladly accepted. 

Choya is perhaps that one of the most well-known and prolific brands in the umeshu industry. Every few months or so, the brand seems to tirelessly debut new products to add to its umeshu line up, among which now includes the Choya Shiso, Choya Uijicha (green tea), and even a Choya Ume Jelly! 

That said, the Choya Yuzu has been around for a considerable time now, and based on my understanding, is one of their more popular mainstays. To be clear, it’s more accurately classified as a umeshu liqueur. In essence, it is made from 100% natural sugar-infused shochu and yuzu. Yuzu is a citrus based plant that tastes like a cross between lemon, tangerines and grapefruit, and for this expression, Choya uses yuzu harvested fresh from Shikoku island in Japan. 

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Choya Yuzu - Tasting Notes

Appearance: The bottle comes in this sleek, smooth, frosted glass that feels really nice to hold. Pouring it out, the liquid is a very light, translucent yellow-orange colour that looks like freshly squeezed lemon juice. 

Aroma: There’s an apparent sweetness of lemon sorbet, fresh lime and candied tangerine peels. Snip it again, and you’d also capture the faint fragrance of spicy chilli notes. 

Taste: The texture of this was lighter bodied than I expected, with a brighter acidity than I am used to with other umeshu drinks. There’s a clear citric sweetness at the fore, that reminds me of lemon candy and sour fizz gummies. I also detect a slight bitterness, akin to a lightly fermented orange peel and sour plums.

Finish: The finish is medium, and a sweet-sour tanginess lingers. Notes of lemon curd and a slight sour plum note. 

 My Rating


Turn the brightness up! There’s a very crisp, clear, citric twang that’s quite refreshing. A great sipper to cut through all that greasy, oily bak Kwa slices and the dull ache of my CNY mahjong losses.  


Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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