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Kirei Shiroi Kawaii Litchi Lychee Liqueur

This reminds us of...

Floating on a cotton candy cloud, or lying on a Japanese cotton cheesecake.

Try this if...

You're into lychees, panna cotta and yakult drinks.

Pssst, did you know...

The lychees in this liqueur were imported from Taiwan!


Kawaii Shiroi Litchi is a popular fruity milk-based liqueur made in Japan. This drink consists of lychees imported from Taiwan, raw milk, sweetened condensed milk and interestingly, white rose spirits. 

I recently picked this up at my neighbourhood bottle-shop, aftering catching a glimpse of its elegant, sleek bottle - with an enticing marshmallow-looking sweet-softness. 

Poured into a glass on the rocks, the liquid was really delicate and creamy, with a similar texture to yoghurt drinks. Sipping on this, there's a prominent sweet note of fresh, juicy lychees, intermingled with notes of fresh milk and clotted cream. It almost tastes like panna cotta in liquid form. The floral scent of sweet lychees linger on the tongue, with the finish taking on a slight tanginess that reminds me of soft, fluffy Japanese cotton cheesecake!

It's airy, sweet and delicate. Perfect as an apéritif or a digestif!