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Lion City Meadery Classic Mead, 5.5% ABV

The classic mead, is, well, as classic as it gets. Using the bare minimum of three ingredients: the custom eucalyptus based honey blend, water and yeast, the mead was brewed towards a style akin to sour beers. According to Sanjay from Lion City Meadery, he wanted a mead that would be refreshing on a hot day, and a mead that would pair well with food - not only does the acidity help inspire an appetite, it helped  cleanse the palate without adding more flavours.

When R&D-ing the first batches of Classic Mead, Sanjay was as precise as he could be - going down to the millilitre and grams despite being a 3000 litre batch of mead. He mentions that it is due to the barebones nature of the Classic mead that every little increment would ultimately influence the final batch. 

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Nose: A bit spicy on the nose at first - there’s a fruity funk that reminds me of sour passionfruit and green mangoes. Imagine sour beers, but more towards the tropical side. Digging deeper into the  mead, there is a cooked apple filling aroma as well.

Palate: Juuusst a tiny bit effervescent. It has a piney, resinous taste that is somewhat similar to eucalyptus. There’s also quite a strong, herbal taste of tarragon and sage. The gentle sweetness of the mead comes through after the initial fruit rush, and it is distinctively raw honey like. This mead is sour, but not overly so - just two dials below the average apple cider.


Finish: The fruit flavours evolve to a refreshing apple-like taste, like biting into a slice of freshly cut red apples. There is a lingering floral and piney aroma on the palate. The sourness does not linger long after swallowing the mead.

My Rating


A bowl of fruit salad. If sour beers and honey teas had a child, this would’ve been it. I could imagine this being a good reset button between each bite or course during meals, where the fruity funky aromas and the bold, herbal and sour taste gives a jolt of contrast to the dish at hand.