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Lion City Meadery Hibiscus and Blueberry Mead, 5.5% ABV

Hibiscus and Blueberry Mead, 5.5% ABV — Review

Sanjay made an observation that a large portion of females are not beer drinkers in general - instead, leaning more towards wine and cocktails. While they’re not exactly adverse to the idea of trying out IPAs or stouts, there is still quite a bridge to cross. 

The answer to this was the Hibiscus Blueberry Mead - while still brewed in a similar style to beer and using the Classic Mead as its base recipe, whole dried hibiscus flowers are steeped into the liquid as it ferments for colour and tannins, then finished off with crushed and pureed blueberries.  The resulting mead is, according to Sanjay, like a very young Pinot Noir wine that is slightly sparkling. 

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Nose: Powerful aromas of hibiscus tea from the get go. After the burst of hibiscus tea, there’s a blackcurrant cordial aroma that’s sweet and juicy - like Ribena. The blackcurrant cordial aroma  tapers off and makes way for concord grape jam instead, taking on a more sugary like sweetness while retaining some of its berry characteristic

Palate: Blueberry jam is the predominant flavour in this mead. It’s perceptibly more sweet than the classic mead, with the added blueberry jazz, without the tartness. The drying sensation from the tannins is very similar to a lightly steeped hibiscus flower tea or a Lambrusco wine - barely enough to give any friction or drying sensations in your gums.


Finish: The drying sensation of the mead still lingers, with the same low intensity as when you drink it. The flavours take on a more candy, bubblegum profile. Interestingly, the finish also reminds me of gnawing on berry skins and seeds as well, alongside the backdrop of honey.

My Rating


 Is it strange to call a mead seductive? 

It has a very inviting, jammy aroma that appeals to the inner kid of most, at least, it invokes memories of eating jam by the spoonful when no one’s looking. The tannins are so barely perceptible it feels like a tease that you want more of. Don’t take this in a weird way, but this feels like a guilty pleasure drink that you indulge only when no one’s looking, like a quick make out session.