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Taiwan Beer Lychee Oolong, 0% ABV

Review - Taiwan Beer Lychee Oolong, 0% ABV

Taiwan Beer is by far and large Taiwan’s most widely available and popular beer brand. In the intense summers, locals are often found washing down their stinky tofu or fried oyster omelettes with their signature refreshing lager. If there’s one thing to know about this brand, it’s that it has a knack for producing beers with a deliciously light, crisp and subtly sweet flavour profile. In fact, the flagship beer product, the eponymous Taiwan Beer, is a light lager that comes in at around 5% ABV. 

In keeping with it’s tradition of producing lighter-style beers that are gentle on the palate, Taiwan Beer has recently released a few types of non-alcoholic flavoured beers, one of which is the Taiwan Beer Lychee Oolong. This Taiwan Beer Lychee Oolong contains the juice of “Hei Yeh” Taiwanese lychees, which are known to carry a distinct sweetness with a slightly sour aftertaste. 

I recently tried this non-alcoholic beer and boy was this refreshing!

It’s really light and smooth, and right from the get go, hits you with a crisp sweetness of luscious lychee flesh. The oolong note develops on the back palette, adding a floral note of jasmine, a very light honeyed sweetness and some slight astringency. There’s only a very mild note of maltiness. Overall, it’s a very delicate, airy and fruity! 

My Rating:


If you can get past the "beer" label and see it for what it is: an easy uncomplicated 0% ABV juice that's equal parts fruity and floral, you won't have any problems finishing this off at all.


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