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31 Maker's Mark Cocktails To Toast To: Popcorn Old Fashion, Kentucky Fudge Chocolate, Yuzu Sour

Rip up your old whisky classic cocktail recipes. Here are 31 bartender-approved Maker's Mark cocktails that push the boundaries of liquid creativity. 

For the month of September, Maker's Mark is teaming up with bartenders from 16 of Singapore's most notable bars to reinterpret and shake up everything you thought you knew about whisky classics. Using Maker's Mark bourbon as a central ingredient, 16 bars in Singapore have put their own spin on iconic classic whisky cocktails such as the Whisky Sour, the Manhattan, and the Old Fashioned.

The result is 31 special Marked by Maker’s cocktails that you can enjoy at bars like Offtrack, 28 Hong Kong Street, Sago House, Smoke & Mirrors, White Shades, Employees Only, Set of Six, Stay Gold Flamingo, Neon Pigeon, Brooklyn Bar SG, LUMO Bar and Restaurant, Salud, Grids Coffee Bar, Cook & Brew, Goodfellas 41NC and Dempsey Cookhouse. 

1. Strawberry Shortcake Sour

A zesty cocktail with a rich colour crowned with torched strawberry jam meringue. Tangy with a luscious fruity sweetness

Maker's Mark Bourbon | Vanilla | Lemon| Strawberry Syrup

Have it at: 28 Hong Kong Street

2. Popcorn Old Fashion 


Unique and velvety with the nostalgic avour of freshly popped corn, take a sip that transports you back to memory lane. Buttery and warm indulgence.

Popcorn Butter-washed Maker’s Mark | Rich Simple | Angostura Bitters

Have it at: 28 Hong Kong Street

3. EXU


A bold and fruity dance of Maker’s Mark carrying the classic bourbon avour but enhanced with a sweet and tangy nish. Fruity and spirit forward with hints of applewood.

Maker’s Mark | Apple Cider Maple | Peychaud’s Bitters Orange Zest

Have it at: Brooklyn

4. Caddillac Moon

A sip of pure zest and refreshing lightness, capturing the essence of rejuvenation in every drop. Light and refreshing with a zesty punch.

White Chocolate infused Maker’s Mark | Assam Tea Nectar | Lemon Zest | Soda

Have it at: Brooklyn

5. Buo Lou Mi

An innovative rendition of the classic Highball, the Buo Lou Mi boasts distinctive Asian avour proles. An easy cocktail which is refreshing and tropical.

Maker’s Mark | Black Pepper & Jackfruit Marmalade | Lemon | Soda

Have it at: Cook & Brew

6. Night to Remember

The perfect choice for a nightcap drink, the Boulevardier inspired cocktail with a light coffee foam and a delightful undercurrent of sweet notes. Spirit forward but with sweet notes.

Maker’s Mark | Aperol | Hazelnut Liqueur | Coffee Foam

Have it at: Cook & Brew

7. Remember the Past 

A tipple inspired by a reection of life and the hardships it may bring. It pays homage to Bob’s love for the classic Old Fashioned and his late grandad’s favourite fruit – dates. Robust sweetness with a comforting allure.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon | Sugar Cane | Cacao | Peychaud’s Bitters | Dates

Have it at: Dempsey Cookhouse

8. The Uphill Sour

A subtle nod to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this cocktail reinvents the use of wolfberry and winter melon to create a harmonious drink that balances spicy, sweet and sour avours. Spicy, sweet and sour in a glass.

Maker's Mark Bourbon | Green Chartreuse| Lemon | Wolfberry | Winter Melon

Have it at: Dempsey Cookhouse

9. Yankee Notion

Celebrate the Yankee spirit with uniquely intertwined avours choreographed to honour the iconic American legacy. Rened and harmonious with an aromatic nuance.

Maker’s Mark | Chamomile | Blandy’s Madeira | Angostura Bitters

Have it at: Employees Only

10. New York Spring Sour


Taste a delightful and elegant New Yorker spring where every sip encapsulates the enchanting beauty and vitality of the season. Crisp and zesty over a warm and rich base.

Maker’s Mark Bourbon | Green Apple | Lemon | Chardonnay

Have it at: Employees Only

11. No.41 Old Fashioned


An eponymous take of the classic Old Fashioned named after their iconic address. Balanced and bold with a comforting sweetness.

Orange infused Maker’s Mark Bourbon | Angostura Bitters| Brown Sugar

Have it at: Goodfellas 4INC

12. Manhattan Post Office

Feel dapper with this straight-up and forward tasting drink, leaving a lasting impression with every gratifying sip. Luscious and sophisticated complexity Maraschino cherry infused Maker's Mark.

Bourbon | Angostura Bitters | Sweet Vermouth

Have it at: Goodfellas 4INC

13. Kentucky Fudge Chocolate (KFC)

A tantalising fusion of Maker’s Mark and the luscious allure of chocolate, intertwined with a air of fruity freshness. A velvety concoction with a burst of citrus.

Maker’s Mark | Chocolate | Tropic Thunder Shrub | Orange | Yogurt Liqueur | Absinthe

Have it at: GRIDS

14. Maker's New Fashioned

A contemporary spin of the classic Maker’s Mark Ol’ Fashioned with subtle notes of oak, enhanced richness, and a harmonious depth. Rich and smokey garnished with a toasted Maraschino marshmallow.

French Oak Sonic Aged Maker’s Mark | Chocolate Bitters | Dashes Orange Bitters | Brown Sugar

Have it at: GRIDS

15. Banoffee Old Fashioned

A uniquely satisfying take on the classic cocktail that promises a distinctive experience. Rich, bold and timeless.

Maker’s Mark | Coffee | Banana | Bitters

Have it at: LUMO

16. Me So Honey!

A cheeky little number for you – a whisky cocktail that's swiped straight from a Japanese kitchen! A sophisticated and well-balanced cocktail.

Butter-washed Maker's Mark / Shiso / Barley Miso / Aromatic Bitters

Have it at: Neon Pigeon

17. Apple Sour

A Neon Pigeon twist on the legendary Whisky 'n' Apple, think freshly pressed Granny Smith Apple mixed with a dash of whiskey, served with a splash of sparkling Perrier. Tart effervescence that marries tradition with innovation.

Milk-washed Maker's Mark | Green Apple Shrub | Perrier

Have it at: Neon Pigeon

18. Noir Manhattan 

A variation of the Manhattan cocktail, pays homage to the classic while embracing the allure of the contemporary. A bittersweet balance on woody, rich notes.

Maker’s Mark 46 | Creme de Mure | Dry Vermouth | Chocolate Bitters

Have it at: Offtrack

19. Cherry Bomb


Inspired by the quintessential American dessert, the cherry pie, this libation pays homage to a beloved culinary classic. Luxuriously textured with a frothy head.

Maker's Mark | Cherry | Vanilla | Lemon | Egg White | Cream

Have it at: Offtrack

20. Improved Highball

Sago’s highest-selling classic: Japanese highball with an Improved Whiskey Cocktail. Tropical sweetness with intricate character.

Maker’s Mark | Banana and Cacau Shrub | Amaro Montenegro | Banana Angostura | Soda

Have it at: Sago House

21. Corn Cup Old Fashioned

Making a favourite McDonald’s snack even more delicious! Light and buttery.

Buttered Corn-washed Maker's Mark Bourbon | Black Pepper Demerara Sugar | Angostura Bitters

Have it at: Sago House

22. Peach Cobbler Sour

A boozy rendition of a peach cobbler, reminiscent of the warm bake fresh out of the oven. Spicy richness meets juicy and silky.

Cinnamon infused Maker’s Mark | Peach | Butterscotch | Caramel | Lemon | Vanilla | Egg White

Have it at: Salud

23. Yuzu Old Fashioned

Delicate Japanese yuzu complementing a robust, full-bodied heart for a captivating balance of avours. Floral and fruity twist on a Western classic.

Maker’s Mark | Yuzu | Bitters

Have it at: Salud

24. Yuzu Sour

An exquisite symphony of tangy vibrancy, alluring fruitiness, and luxurious indulgence. A luscious concoction of tart and fruity notes.

Maker's Mark | Yuzu | Peach Liqueur | Citrus | Bitters | Whites

Have it at: Set of Six

25. Grains & Beans

A cocktail that beckons a soothing allure with its delightfully nutty and pleasantly boozy avour prole. Nutty and pleasantly spirited blend.

Maker's Mark | Toasted Farro & Coffee Beans | Demerara | Bitters

Have it at: Set of Six

26. Blood and Sweat

A craftsman pouring his heart into his work, celebrating Mel’s dedication to his rst-born champion, Johan. Masculine smokey notes, dry and sweet.

Maker's Mark | Curacao | Sweet Vermouth | Chocolate | Peated Whiskey | Candied Orange

Have it at: Smoke & Mirrors

27. Ruby Smash

Like the radiant gemstone, this cocktail embodies the vibrant essence of beauty, passion and allure. Smooth, full-bodied and enchanting character.

Maker’s Mark | Strawberry | Orange| Lemon | Rosso | Grenadine

Have it at: Smoke & Mirrors

28. Devilwood Sour

A refreshing twist on the classic Sour, this cocktail delivers subtle hints of sweetness and tartness. Smooth, pleasantly oral and fruity

Maker’s Mark | Osmanthus Honey | Lemon

Have it at: Stay Gold Flamingo

29. Ye Olde Rose

Tantalise your senses with a harmonious blend of avours that will transport you to a tranquil garden on a warm summer evening.

Floral notes, with subtle hints of vanilla, oak and citrus zest

Maker’s Mark | Orange bitters | Rose | Chamomile

Have it at: Stay Gold Flamingo

30. Mulled

A martini, but dark and layered with the lingering depth of Bourbon. Subtle spice nuances and cheeky oral notes.

Maker’s Mark | Noilly Prat | Mulled Tea Syrup | Sakura Bitters | Juniper Waffle

Have it at: White Shades

31. Simple Beauty

Refreshingly fizzy, tropical and fruity. Bourbon meets lychee oolong and coconut bubbles.

Maker’s Mark | Lychee Oolong | Carbonated Coconut Water

Have it at: White Shades


Marked by Maker’s Pop-Up Experience

A continuation of the Whisky adventure, Maker’s Mark will be hosting an exclusive two-night pop-up on 22 and 29 September. Step into a world where fellow innovators and craft makers gather to celebrate bold creativity and the visionary spirit of Maker’s Mark alongside two artisans.

Held at White Shades, the modish new four-storey concept bar will house some of the most creative minds that will share their craft with consumers.

  • Grab a glass and enjoy the smoothest beats at the cocktail bar by AKA Sounds, a first of the many curated experiences at White Shades.
  • Sample the smooth, full-flavoured Maker’s Mark as well as the classic Maker’s Mark cocktail - liquid gold in a glass - aptly named ‘Gold Rush’ at the tasting booth.
  • Watch a live demonstration of The Imperial Smithster, a silversmith who is reviving the ancient art of lost wax casting. Watch as recycled silver is transformed into a unique handcrafted bespoke piece, available to take home with any cocktail orders.
  • Head over to the interactive booth by Plastify to try your hand at transforming plastic scraps into beautifully created coasters.
  • Visit the mesmerising Maker’s Mark wax dipping station where guests can get their whisky glasses meticulously hand-dipped in signature red wax. 

Join Maker's Mark in the ultimate Marked by Maker’s adventure for an experience that pays homage to the spirit of community, the artistry of craft, and the boundless potential of innovation. Happening 22nd September, Friday (9pm - 12am) and 29 September, Friday (7pm- 12am) at White Shades (25 Boon Tat St, Singapore 069622). 




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