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Peddler's Gin Barrel Aged Gin

Gin has been one of the fastest growing alcohol categories in China, fuelled by a younger consumer base seeking alternative and modern forms of spirits to baijiu, which has long dominated the local market. 

One of the pioneering distilleries that have helped to push this demand shift has been Peddler’s Gin, China’s first ever craft gin distillery. Peddler’s Gin first entered the local spirits scene in 2016, drawing attention with its swanky branding and innovative use of China’s diverse spices and botanicals to create contemporary flavours infusions with Eastern flavour profiles. 

The Peddler’s Gin botanical blend consists of a range of flora and fauna indigenous to China, which notably includes Sichuan peppercorns, a pepper that's often paired with chilli in popular Chinese dishes to create a numb-spiciness known colloquially as ma-la (麻辣) and Buddha’s Hand, a finger-shaped fruit tastes like a cross between Japanese yuzu and lemon, though with a slight floral tinge that can sometimes tastes like lavender.

There's more to the story of Peddler's Gin of course, which has been in our brand spotlight on the distillery here:

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Today, we're trying one of their core expressions: Peddler's Barrel Aged Gin, which takes the distillery's flagship Shanghai Dry Gin, and rests it for three months in French oak barrels that previously housed a Napa Valley pinot noir. 

Peddler's Barrel Aged Gin - Tasting Notes

Aroma: Pretty mellow start with some warm caramel, vanilla, oak shavings, and then a more chewy spiced bit of licorice, eucalyptus and anise.

Taste: The vibrance is turned up here. It starts off spicy and then the licorice kicks in, still with some caramel, but also Tiger balm, tobacco leaves, chewy blackcurrant gummies and mulberries. There’s also a light nuttiness. It’s got a really nice, thicker, almost chewy body.

Finish: More bourbon sweetness, butterscotch, this time with a more herbal side of mint, eucalyptus, anise. It’s got a spearmint sensation and a deep long warmth.

My Thoughts

On the nose, this was pretty closed off and gentle, but when I got to the palate, it had delightfully turned up the vibrance a whole lot and also had a very nice, almost chewy body that felt like blackcurrant gummies! The flavours on the palate were bold and also well-integrated, which made it feel like this was more for sipping than to be used in a cocktail. The finish too had a really nice and deep long warmth. All in the rich sweetness and chewy fruitiness was really enjoyable. 


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