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Essence of Suntory Whiskey

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THE ESSENCE of SUNTORY WHISKY is a series created from Suntory’s desire to pursue “Essence” in whisky making. 2020.This is the fourth release in the series.



Osumi Distillery

Osumi Shuzo (Kagoshima) started operations in June 2005, and became a Suntory Group company in September

2014. Its main product is sweet potato shochu. Its flagship brand of authentic sweet potato shochu liqueur, “Osumi,” is made from fresh golden sweet potato produced in Kagoshima Prefecture and brewed with pure water refined from the vast Shirasu earth. It is a mild and easy to drink sweet potato shochu liqueur with the full sweetness and softness of Satsuma-imo. Based on traditional methods, we are constantly innovating to create a new taste. One of the things we are most particular about is making things that only people can make. We carefully sort the raw materials, one by one, and visually check the progress of the distillation process.



Tasting Notes

Aged for over 3 years in white oak barrels 

This is a rice whiskey distilled by Osumi Shuzo, a Suntory Group company that mainly produces B-type shochu. Aged for more than three years in white oak barrels, this whiskey has a plump, light top note with a fruitiness faintly reminiscent of white peaches, and a soft, light flavor. The word “new” on the label expresses Suntory’s strong will to take on new challenges.



Nose Plump and light top note. Faint white peach fruit notes.
Taste Soft and light mouthfeel. Gorgeous flavor spread.
Aftertaste Clean. Slightly spicy.



Alcohol content 56% alcohol by volume
by alcohol Rice Whiskey
Barrel alcohol White oak barrels
Contents 500ml
Number of bottles sold Limited quantity
Suggested retail price 5,500 yen (tax included)
Release date

April 28, 2020




Our Take

The recommended way to drink it is straight. This is a very rare whiskey because it is sold in limited quantities. You might want to drink it as soon as possible!


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