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Single Malt Yoichi Aromatic Yeast

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The two new products, “Single Malt Yoichi Aromatic Yeast” and “Single Malt Miyagikyo Aromatic Yeast,” will be released in 2024. 90th Anniversary of NIKKA’s Founding The new products will be launched in 2021, and will focus on the depth of Nikka Whisky’s diverse range of whiskies and the history of the different types of whiskies created by raw materials, fermentation, and other production processes. Second product in the “NIKKA DISCOVERY Series” The new project will be launched in 2021. Developed as a series to “discover” the diversity, depth and unexpectedness of whisky.

This new product focuses on the “distinctive aroma created by the different yeasts used in the fermentation process.” This is a limited edition product that brings out the hidden and unexpected character of “Single Malt Yoichi” and “Single Malt Miyagikyo” by adding a new aroma created by the yeast, while maintaining the unique charm of the single malt.

The product will be marketed mainly for commercial use. Overseas sales are also planned, mainly in Europe.

The label uses colors that reflect the aroma of each flavor, with a gradual color gradation to express the aromatic image of the product.

The product will go on sale on September 27, 2022, for 22,000 yen including tax. Sales volume is 10,000 units in Japan and 10,000 units overseas, respectively.

The Bottle


Fruity aroma from the peat and yeast characteristic of Yoichi


This single malt whisky has a strong, thick flavor from direct coal-fired distillation, a characteristic of Yoichi malt, and a fruity aroma of apples and bananas, with a hint of pear, reminiscent of ginjo. The fresh fruitiness and malt sweetness are firmly rooted in the richness of the peat, and the pleasantly sweet aroma and marmalade-like bitter-sweet aftertaste are pleasantly persistent.

The wide variety of aromas produced by the yeast during the fermentation process become the character of the many different types of sake.

Among them, the original sake with a floral aroma reminiscent of ginjo aroma stimulated the blender’s creativity. Furthermore, they also focused on sake made with a yeast that produces an overflowing fruity aroma, and searched for a point of fusion with the peaty aroma typical of Yoichi.

After a process of trial and error, a rare original whisky that has been aged for more than 30 years in active casks was added to unite the fresh aroma and the heavy aroma, and a harmony as a whisky was reached.

The result is a fusion of Yoichi’s original robust character and a floral, fruity flavor reminiscent of ginjo aroma. The answer to this challenging task has finally been found.

Quote: “Single Malt Yoichi/Single Malt Miyagikyo Aromatic Yeast” to be released in limited quantities on September 27


Prior to the Discovery Series, the limited editions have changed their character by “different cask types used in the wood finish,” such as the 2017 Moscato Wood Finish, the 2018 Manzanilla Wood Finish, and the 2020 Apple Brandy Wood Finish.

The Discovery Series does not do finishes, and in this second release, the whisky brings out the hidden and unexpected character of single malt Miyagikyo while taking advantage of its appeal by “different yeast”.



Aroma Fresh fruits like banana and orange, smoky
Taste Bitter chocolate, brown sugar, smoked bacon
Aftertaste Malt richness and sweet bittersweet aftertaste



Alcohol content 48% (with a slight alcohol content)
Alcohol category Single malt Japanese whisky
Cask type
Volume 700ml
Number of bottles sold Domestic: 10,000 bottles Overseas: 10,000 bottles
Suggested retail price 22,000 yen including tax
Release date September 27, 2022


Our Take

One of the attractions of Yoichi Aromatic Yeast is that some of the component sake is aged for more than 30 years.

The aroma is sweetness first, as if it is aromatic yeast, followed by peat aroma slowly. The mellow aroma of Yoichi’s peat and yeast combined with a mellow aroma gives a gentle and stylish impression that is a complete change from the strong impression of Yoichi until now.

We invite you to compare it with Yoichi Non-Vintage and taste the difference.

Nikka Whisky is planning to celebrate its 90th anniversary in 2024, and the third Discovery Series is scheduled to be released in 2023. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of DISCOVERY they will show us next time.


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