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MOON GLOW Limited Edition 2020

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Wakatsuru Shuzo uses only malt distilled in 1960 and other carefully selected raw spirits.  “Moon Glow” is the ultimate blended whisky that Wakatsuru Shuzo is aiming for at the moment.

Moon Glow Limited Edition will be commercialized in 2018. The release of Moon Glow, which has been aged for more than 10 years, is scheduled to end in 2020. From the next release onwards, it will be switched to non-aged due to a shortage of aged raw alcohol.


The Bottle

Multi-layered taste and complex aftertaste created by long years.

The key malt is Saburoumaru Distillery malt distilled in 1990, and only raw materials with more than 10 years of maturation are used. The mellow grain finished in red wine barrels and the sherry barrel malt that brings out the sweetness blend perfectly to create a gentle and smooth taste.
The multi-layered taste and complex aftertaste created by the long years of aging continues for a long time while playing in harmony.



Aroma Soft woody and herbaceous with a hint of peat. Fruity acidity with hints of apple and orange peel.
Taste Mild sweetness like candy or honey, dry peat, orange peel, a hint of spice and good tannins.
Aftertaste Spicy and smoky aftertaste.




Alcohol content 43%
alcohol category Blended Whisky
Barrel type Red wine barrels
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold
Suggested retail price 10,120 yen (tax included)
Release date March 14, 2020




Our Take

I think this is a very well-balanced whisky that can be drunk in any way you like.
The more time passes after opening the bottle, the more it changes into a rich sweetness. I think it’s a good quality whiskey, but it’s not getting much attention among Japanese whiskeys these days, and I often see it lined up in department stores.

In 2020, the distillery will start distilling with peated malt from Islay, and it will be interesting to see if it will play a role in creating a more complex flavor with a different raw material. It is one of the distilleries that I am looking forward to seeing in the future.


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