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The Lucky Cat Luna

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"The Lucky Cat" is a series of blended whiskeys made by making full use of Mars whiskey blending technology with the motif of unique cats.

The "Lucky Cat series" has been on sale for seven years, named after the president of Hombo Shuzo, who loves cats. This time, the 7th "The Lucky Cat Luna" is an additional aging (finish) with Mansanija Sherry Cask and Ororoso Sherry Cask, with the motif of "Luna", a female cat who came on a beautiful night. ) Double sherry cask finish blended whiskey. It is characterized by its bittersweet and sweet taste.


■ Lucky cats of all time

  Product name release date Number of units released Price (tax included)
The first The Lucky Cat "Sun" September 25, 2015 1,200 4,400 yen
2nd The Lucky Cat "Ash 99" August 25, 2016 4,300 4,950 yen
3rd The Lucky Cat "Mint" November 10, 2017 3,830 4,400 yen
4th The Lucky Cat "May" September 22, 2018 3,387 books 4,730 yen
5th The Lucky Cat "Hana" February 1, 2020 3,000 4,950 yen
6th bullet The Lucky Cat "Chocolate" March 4, 2021 6,700 4,950 yen
7th The Lucky Cat "Luna" March 30, 2022 5,220 4,950 yen


The Bottle



scent Apricot jam, almonds
Taste Financiers, donuts, almonds
Afterglow Toast and dry barrel scent remain as a lingering finish



Alcohol degree 40%
By liquor Blended
Barrel type Mansanija Sherry Ororoso Sherry
Internal capacity 700ml
Number of units sold Limited to 5,220
Suggested retail price 4,950 yen (tax included)
release date March 30, 2022



Our Take

It has a clean mouth and is slightly sweet, with almost no alcoholic sensation. After the sweetness, I feel bitterness, probably due to the influence of Mansanilla, but this is not an unpleasant bitterness, but rather a gentle bitterness that is just right. Dividing it with soda gives a good impression of sake during meals.

The double sherry of Manzanilla and Ororoso is a whiskey with a good cost performance that is finished in a blend that complements each other nicely. 

Speaking of Hombo Shuzo, Mars Shinshu Distillery is famous, and I think you are familiar with the blended whiskey " Iwai Tradition " and the single malt "Komagatake", but recently, whiskeys have been released one after another from the Tsunuki Distillery. We are making high quality Japanese whiskey such as "Tsunuki The First", "Tsunuki Petted" and "Tsunuki 2022 Edition".


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