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Tsunuki Single Cask Sherry Hogshead for CLAUDE WHISKY

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Mars Tsunuki Distillery will celebrate its 6th season in 2022.

Bottled at Tsunuki Distillery as a private bottle of CLAUDE WHISKY. Mr. Tatsuro Kusano, who is in charge of distilling at the Tsunuki distillery, selects raw materials, mills, saccharifies, ferments, distills, and matures the sherry hogshead for about 5 years before bottling this single cask.


The Bottle




Nose Raisins, chocolate
Taste Slightly viscous, pomegranate-like fruit, bitter chocolate, syrup
Aftertaste Bitter chocolate like sweetness and bitterness.



Alcohol content 58%
alcohol category Single Malt Japanese Whisky
Cask Type Sherry hogshead
Contents 700ml
Number of bottles sold Limited quantity
Suggested retail price 15,950 yen (tax included)
Release date January 26, 2022



Our Take

Because it is made with hogshead, you can experience a rich sherry flavor. If you like sherry, this is the bottle for you.

Adding water gives it a lighter texture, hides the bitterness, and increases the sweetness. I recommend drinking it straight, or twisting it up.

Incidentally, a hogshead is a bourbon barrel that has been dismantled and reassembled. A hogshead made from a sherry barrel is called a sherry hogshead.

It is called a hogshead because the weight of a barrel filled with whiskey is roughly equivalent to a pig’s head.

When you think of a single cask of a pig’s head, you can understand its rarity.

Thankfully, we have been able to display it in our store, so we will be able to offer it to whisky fans. We are very happy to be able to offer this whiskey to many whiskey fans.


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