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Citadelle Gin Opens Doors to New Visitor Centre with Gin on Tap, Distillation Workshops

Citadelle is opening the doors to their new Citadelle Gin Visitor's Centre in Cognac, France, houses in the Château de Bonbonnet. The stone building, which dates back to the 18th century, will be home to a variety of experiences including a distillery tour, cocktail bar and picnic grounds, as well as occasional distillation or mixology workshops. 

To ready the estate for visitors, Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel designed the architecture plans for the estate, which took over 30,000 hours of restoration. The gardens surrounding the château also contains an Orangerie and juniper trees, where the gin brands star ingredient and juniper berries are sourced from. 

The Visitor Centre Manager Yohann Thuillier shared in a statement:

"We are delighted to welcome guests to our magnificent distillery and showcase what Citadelle Gin is all about. We can’t wait to show everyone our impressive cháteau, home of the savoir-vivre à la Française, and yes, we even have gins on tap!" 

The new Visitor Centre is located 15 minutes away by drive from downtown Cognac and a three-hour train ride away from Paris and Bordeux. Tours will be held in English, French and Spanish for one and a half hours from 10am - 6pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays. Tickets cost €15  per person and can be reserved in advance via the brand's website. 



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