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"My inspiration for Yamazaki 25 was the Yamazaki 1984 statement that was awarded the ultimate recognition of the Supreme Champion Spirit at the International Spirits Challenge in 2010,"

"We went back to the key component whiskies of Yamazaki. We deliberately chose to feature the depth and profound nature of the notable Japanese Mizunara Oak. For in its meticulous balance with the American and Spanish Oak, Yamazaki's signature multi-layered taste profile and complex aroma is accentuated."

- Shinji Fukuyo,
Fifth Generation Master Blender of Suntory


(Image Source: Suntory) 


The new Yamazaki 25 features malt all aged over 25 years in American, Spanish and Mizunara Oak casks. The new single malt embraces a complex flavor profile highlighting dried-fruit aromas, balanced with hints of tart and subtle sweetness, all enveloped in its signature, noble, sandalwood bouquet of Mizunara casks, for a deep and lingering finish. 


Official Tasting Notes


Mizunara spiced notes of incense, followed by a complex bouquet of dried kaki persimmon and satsuma orange notes.

Mizunara sandalwood notes that open and deepen into complex layers of dried kaki persimmon subtle sweetness, tart yuzu notes with gentle shoga ginger spicy notes.

Profound long finish of Mizunara spiced subtly sweet and tart wood notes that remain with lingering smoky accents.


The bottle label is designed with 100% handcrafted Mulberry Echizen paper produced via a slow traditional process of wood board drying.

It will weigh in at 43% ABV (750ml) and carry an RRP of $2,000 USD.


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Suntory quietly files for approval of an all new Yamazaki 25 Year Old blend of Mizunara (Japanese Oak), Spanish Oak and American Oak