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Four Pillars' Beloved Annual Christmas Gin Is Back For 2023 ~ !


What was once a one-off special has now become an annual tradition for Australia's Four Pillars - the Christmas Gin!

Four Pillars' Christmas Gin is in its 8th edition and has annually been distilled with homemade puddings, which was inspired by one of the distillery's co-founders' late mum, Wilma, who loved Christmas, and would use a 1968 Australian Women's Weekly recipe to make pudding each year during the festive season.

Till this day, the distillery follows the same pudding recipe, coupled with a botanical basket of juniper, cassia, star anise, green cardamom, lavender, and much more, to make its hit favour Christmas Gin.

For 2023, the gin will feature a label by Jo White Studio, and will itself contain nine original artworks capturing the spirit of Aussie Christmas, including fairy lights and wreaths hanging on the screen door.

The 8th edition of Four Pillar's Christmas Gin will be released on 31 October 2023.




88 Bamboo Editorial Team