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Mr Black and Starward Whisky Launches Double Cacao Whisky & Coffee Liqueur

Australian coffee liqueur maker Mr. Black is back with yet another coffee liqueur collaboration, with time with Melbourne-based Starward Whisky Distillery. Mr. Black and Starward Whisky have partnered up to launch the Mr. Black Double Cacao Whisky & Coffee Liqueur. 

Designed as a "heavenly combination of whisky, coffee, and chocolate", the Double Cacao liqueur was made by resting Mr. Black's signature coffee liqueur on cacao nibs from Tanzania for 96 hours. Once rested, the liqueur is then blended with Starward Whisky's Peated Finish whisky.

Official Tasting Notes
Mocha, rich cacao and coffee bean.
A rich and velvety explosion of mocha with beautiful accents of red fruit, toasted oak and smoky peat.
Linger notes of coffee bean, toasted oak and subtle hints of peat.

Reflecting on the use of whisky in combination with coffee and chocolate, Starward Whisky explains:

There's no doubt that coffee and chocolate are a perfect pairing, but once you give this a go, you'll soon be wondering where the coffee, whisky and chocolate trifecta has been all your life. You'll find that our peated finish whisky adds a richer, savoury and smoky dimension to compliment the decadent and bitey cacao notes. 
The new Mr. Black x Starward Whisky Double Cacao is now available for purchase here. Bottles are priced at AUD $75.



88 Bamboo Editorial Team 

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