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Whitley Neill Is Serving Smoky Bacon & Horseradish With New Savoury Gin


The ever popular Whitley Neill have got a shocker for us - a limited edition Smoky Bacon & Horseradish savoury gin *jawdrop* - also what a great combo.

It's worth noting that the new expression is made with natural flavouring but does NOT contain bacon - so vegetarians, you're in the clear, Whitley's gotcha.


“We’ve seen a big increase in the popularity of savoury flavours in the UK on-trade over the past couple of years, from Martinis made with Parmesan, aged in balsamic barrels or even infused with umami flavours of porcini mushrooms.

As consumers continue to seek out these unique flavours, we’ve created this full-flavoured Smoky Bacon & Horseradish Gin to tap into this growing trend.”

Poppy Williams, Group Marketing Manager


If you're stumped for what to pair with this interesting combo, Whitley Neill suggests "elevating classic brunch cocktails such as the Red Snapper, mixed with tomato juice for a simple serve, or even adding a bold, savoury twist to a Martini".

The new Whitley Neill Smoky Bacon and Horseradish Gin is bottled at 45% ABV and retails for £21.





88 Bamboo Editorial Team