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World's Most Admired Whiskey Michter's Releases 25 Year Old For Just The Fifth Time Ever


The World's Most Admired Whiskey according to Drinks International is releasing its unicorn 25 Year Old expression for just the fifth time since 2008. While the brand only began its own distilling in 2015, it continues to put out whiskies sourced to its specifications, with a bigger focus on overseeing its maturation.

Thus with the help of distilling and maturation experts, as well as some great engineering, Michter's is part of a pioneering effort to challenge traditional norms of creating ultra-aged Kentucky Straight Bourbon's that aren't over-oaked.

Through systematic use of chemical analysis to determine the compositional changes in the whiskey as it extracts wood sugars from its cask, as well as going against conventional wisdom of emphasising the elevation of maturing barrels at the top of warehouses to accelerate aging, Michter's is aiming to create whiskies that possess the DNA and environment for ultra-aging.


Michter's Fort Nelson Distillery is one of three locations belonging to the brand.


“It is a wonderful journey with its transition through sweet and savory depth, world spices, dark chocolates, fruit characters and nut oils almost as if you are eating through a box of fine chocolates. It is an exceptional whiskey for an exceptional achievement in the whiskey world.”

Michter’s Master of Maturation Andrew Wilson


Conventionally, Bourbon makers have prioritised the use of the top floors of rickhouses which accentuates the effects of the intense fluctuating Kentucky climate that is able to speed up the whiskey's maturation.

However, with the 25 Year Old expression, Michter's has instead opted to include the use of lower floors which allows the whiskey to age slower but longer, as it is subject to less drastic temperature swings and an overall cooler climate.

The new Michter's 25 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, bottled at 116.2 Proof (or 58.1% ABV) will retail at an RRP of US$1,500.





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