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A trio of rums at D.Bespoke: 1990 Enmore (VSG), Guyana, Bottled for Bar Lamp Ginza; 2002 Port Mourant, Guyana, Bottled for Three Rivers Tokyo; 1998 Bellevue, "stoves", Damoiseau Distillery, Guadeloupe


That time when I joined @the_rum_cartel and @rum_ble_inthejungle at @d.bespoke for some rums bottled exclusively for the Japanese market.

I thought the 1990 Enmore (VSG) bottled for @barlamp_ginza, and the 2002 Port Mourant for Three Rivers Tokyo were exemplary despite my mild aversion to continentally aged demeraras, in particular those from the 90s and 2000s that tend to have this “sweaty” note. Instead, both are subtle, creamy, a nice pleasant sweetness with raisins and dried apricots, with the Port Mourant exhibiting more spices in the palate, slight anise and just a tiny hint of leather.




The 98 Bellevue, actually a molasses-based rum from the Damoiseau distillery, on the other hand is a real fruit bomb, a rich bold mouthfeel compounded by the years of tropical aging, fruitcake, spices and liquorice!


Image Courtesy of @weixiang_liu


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