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Diamond 2001, Vallinch and Mallet, 52.5% ABV, Guyana

The rum of today is Vallinch and Mallet’s Diamond 2001, a single cask Demerara rum distilled from the French Savalle still (marque unknown) and bottled in 2020 at an abv of 52.5% abv, with 221 bottles produced.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

The nose of these Savalle still demeraras are always quite a treat, rich caramel fudge rolled with marzipan. There’s a hint of spiciness to it, much like cinnamon and liquorice, and a nice savouriness much like oyster sauce on barbecued pork. As it breathes you get more sweetness from this like cookie dough with marshmallow bits, dark fruits with prunes and raisins.

On the palate, the rum is like a sticky sweet caramel coating your entire palate! There’s hint of funk and iodine that seems to be a common thread among certain Savalle still rums, but nothing that throws this rum off balance. The oak also makes an appearance nearer to the finish, tannic, a tad bitter with slight menthol. The finish is medium in length, dark fruits again and some bitterness, a bit like an assortment of dark chocolate coated raisins.

There are some rumours that this could be a Skeldon, but having tasted and compared it to the real thing, I’d say thats quite unlikely as the flavour profile is quite markedly different. But that aside, its a well balanced Savalle still Demerara, with nice clean layers and richness that is sometimes lost with continentally aged demeraras.


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