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Rum Reviews

Diamond Distillery, 16 Years Old, Guyana, Berry Bros & Rudd, LMDW Singapore

Tasting today on Christmas is a 16-year-old Guyanese rum from the Diamond Distillery, bottled by Berry Bros & Rudd for LMDW Singapore.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

Sharp and lively on the nose, peppers and small red chilis. But cutting through the heat you then get honey, warm rich molasses, oak, and sweet sultanas.

Tasting the rum, it is oily, with rich sweetness, honey and vanilla notes, followed by tobacco, polished leather, savoury, somewhat herbal, and finally the finish is marked by that distinct sweet lingering sultanas.

Conclusion - its hard to tell which still this rum was distilled from, but if I were to hazard a guess I’d probably say its from either the French Savalle or the Diamond still because of its sharp and clean character. Its a really interesting rum, a great sipper, and one that panders to the whisky drinkers out there!


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