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Enmore 1971, 32 Years, 61.8% ABV, Guyana, WM Cadenheads

Thank you Kafe Utu and @yomarivera for sharing another one of those legendary Demeraras from W M Cadenheads - the Enmore 1971 distilled from the Versailles wooden vat still and bearing the XPD marque, aged for 32 years and bottled in 2003 at an abv of 61.8%. A lot is unknown about what exactly the XPD marque is, as it certainly isn’t an original marque from the Versailles still, nor is it of any marques I am familiar with from Main Rum Company.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

I had initially written detailed tasting notes of it, but thanks to technology it got lost somewhere in the cloud. However it definitely did leave a lasting impression on me, with those strong metallics/celery notes that were evident on both those nose and palate right from the beginning till the end, something that I’ve never had in a demerara rum. As it opened up, the customary demerara notes were there, roasted coffee, milk chocolates, purple fruits, coupled with some varnish, walnuts, and liquorice. What a treat to be able to taste something as unique as this!


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