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J. Bally 18 ans, bottle by Corman-Collins and The Auld Alliance (18 years)


Background: my second rhum agricole, this time from J. Bally, a brand known for their vintage releases, something really quite rare among rum OBs. This particular sample is of an independent bottling of a cask holding 18-year-old distillate from the year 2000.

Nose: talcum powder; sandalwood; maple syrup; liquorice; slight vegetal notes of fresh cane; muscovado; roasted nuts; maraschino cherries.

Palate: wood and anise; cherry-flavoured cough drops; grassy and minty; camphor; ginger; a toasted mix of peanut sauce and barbecue sauce, a nice savoury touch; dried figs.

Finish: medium-long; maple syrup; brown sugar; stewed apples; liquorice and cream.

Conclusion: thoroughly enjoyable. Reminiscent of the big and heavy Bernstein wheated bourbons released under Willett Family Estate, and of the Lous Pibous armagnacs aged in virgin oak. Sweet enough to be a post-dinner dessert dram, and definitely much easier and more accessible than the Neisson 12, though it is slightly lacking in the 'wow' factor.

Score (assuming a normal distribution with mean 50): 87/100


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