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Plantation Extreme No.3 Jamaica ITP 22 year old, 1996, Long Pond Distillery, 54.8% ABV, Jamaica

Tasting Plantation’s Extreme No.3 Jamaica ITP 22 year old, distilled in 1996 at the famed Long Pond Distillery! The rum is bottled at 54.8% abv and bears the ITP marque which means the rum contains between 90-120 g/hl AA of esters, and falls under the category of Common Clean Jamaican rums.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

The nose of the ITP is one of a very big and rich rum, the kind that I absolutely love! Rich molasses, caramel, a fruit basket of ripe bananas and citrus, and chocolates. One of those really rich, bright and fruity rums that you’d want to dive right in.

The palate reveals a more balanced and complex rum, beginning with sweet caramelised bananas, then comes the Jamaican funk, a bit of tar, medium-roasted coffee, and the finish is a nice balance of honey mangoes and more coffee.

In my opinion, a gorgeous tropically aged Jamaican rum that shouldn’t be missed, especially for those who enjoy the rich fruitiness of Jamaican rums, but with a lighter touch of hogo!


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