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Port Mourant 1974, Uitvlugt Distillery, Guyana, 61.5% ABV, WM Cadenheads

Another one of those well aged Port Mourants from another era, distilled in 1974 at the Uitvlugt distillery and bottled by WM Cadenheads in 2004 at an abv of 61.5%. Its a marvel how these rums still keep their abv even after 30 years of continental aging.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

As with most demeraras from the 70s, the colour is dark, almost black coffee-like, pretty much a result of the colouring practices of the past. When nosed, you are instantaneously greeted by wafts of varnish, followed by those vintage demerara notes that bring you back to another period, polished leather, freshly ground coffee, dark plums, and yet at the same time quite uplifting with some fresh greens. As it opens up it becomes more lively, slightly herbal, akin to Chinese herbal jelly, liquorice, the spiciness grows too, and a little bit of toffee lurking around.

On the palate is intense bitter woodiness, a sign of perhaps over maturity, tinge of sweet vanillin, tobacco, thick leather, chestnuts, and the mainstays of vintage demeraras such as dark fruits and liquorice. But what this rum needs is actually a lot of time breathe, because after 30 minutes or so, the woodiness dissipates, giving way to gentler leather and caramel notes, and coupled with the earlier flavours it is now so much more palatable. The finish also becomes more evident and long lasting, sweet caramel and molasses.

Opportunities to try such old demeraras are always a treat, although this one might have spent a bit too much time in the wood. Thank you The Auld Alliance for the dram.


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