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“Rum of the World” Worthy Park 2006 Single Cask, for Kirsch Whisky and Eye for Spirits (~13 years)


Background: so I joined a local rum group recently, and got to trade some samples with people inside. This is one of the first samples I bought. (Really, these people have some interesting bottles!) There is no age statement in the bottle, but considering the 2019 release, I estimate the age to be around 13 years. And yes, it is this Kirsch Whisky which selected the somewhat legendary 1996 vintage Caroni bottling.

Nose: mild, yet inviting; dark fruits; citrus zest; fresh grapefruit; orange marmalade; a light minty note to keep things fresh; bananas foster; rotting banana; wet burp; frozen yoghurt; molasses; marzipan; burnt savoury pies; toffee; sugarcane juice.

Palate: a pleasing, gentle entry -- this drinks like it is < 50% a.b.v; marzipan; candied almond; apple pie topped with fresh apple pulp; forest berries; Ribena; dried prune; orange marmalade; lemon meringue; liquorice; chocolate; toffee; bananas foster; banana cake; tarry and phenolic on the back-palate.

Finish: long; smokey and slightly briny -- like overcooking a combination of sour milk, cola, mint ice-cream, and bits of green olives; more forest berries; grape Hi-Chew; the woody and industrial notes come back, with more caramelised bananas; other tropical fruits show up, noticeably mango and golden kiwifruit; an aftertaste of blackcurrant Frutips.

Conclusion: what a basket of fruits and desserts! If you want screaming hogo or mind-blowing character, look elsewhere. What we have here is a superbly balanced and surprisingly moving spirit, and I am not complaining. This is the epitome of easy-drinking, I guess. Perhaps THE rum for relaxing times.

Score (assuming a normal distribution with mean 50): 86/100



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