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Unlabelled Foursquare 100% Pot Still Barbados Sugar Cane Juice and Molasses Rum, 62% ABV, For Whisky Live 2023


Continuing with the theme of @whiskylivesingapore, I thought I’d share a couple of detailed tastings of some rather unique rums I had last week, starting off with one that remains an enigma to me. As the label says, it was an unaged Foursquare rum that @richardseale_foursquare brought along with him for this trip to WLS. Much of its details remain under wraps, as Richard explained that this was an ongoing project (which also involves Neisson and Providence if I recall correctly). All we know is that it is a blend of pot and column still distillates made from sugarcane juice and molasses from Barbados, diluted slightly to 62% abv, and will be exactly as this is when released in the near future.

On the nose, this was very much like a Haitian rum to me, one from Providence, or even a Clairin for that matter, one of the more straightforward ones like a Sajous or a Vaval with less florals and herbs. It was buttery smooth, round, and oily, with a touch of sweet corn. In fact it was very, very sweet, fresh, with hints of truffle oil too.

The palate was rather similar in the way that those familiar Haitian notes were there too, sweet corn, oily and round, but also a slight spicier than the nose was. And as it got to the middle the sweetness was accentuated with strawberry cream and vanilla. But it was in the finish where the complexity of this distillate came into its own, following on with the theme of fresh sugarcane sweetness, but with a noticeable change, a kind of the herbal-ness, a jolt of funk, and a little chinese grass jelly that one would never have imagined.

Unfortunately I can’t say how this would’ve compared to the LFT, since its been nearly a year since I last tasted it. But it is truly a unique ensemble of flavours that I would have never predicted or guessed it to be from Foursquare. What a gem Foursquare has in this rum, and I am certain it would really speak to those who enjoy exploring the multitude of flavours in the rum world. Keep your eyes peeled for this!


Correction: Title initially reflected Sugarcane Juice Rum, however, it has been clarified to be a blend of Sugarcane Juice and Molasses Rum.


Image Courtesy of @weixiang_liu


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