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Wild Parrot Diamond 2001, Guyana, 57.3% ABV

As with my obsession with demerara rums, I had to get the Wild Parrot Diamond 2001 from The Auld Alliance after hearing so many great reviews about it. This is a single cask rum distilled at the Diamond distillery in Guyana, bottled in 2019 at 57.3% abv. The marque is unknown, and is indicated to have been continentally aged.

(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

The nose presents another big demerara, full of rich molasses, varnish, glue, but one that is very pleasant and well integrated. Its also quite fruity, with mandarin oranges, chargrilled pineapples, freshly roasted coffee and even carambolas.

The palate is just as pleasant, or perhaps even more appealing than the nose! Immediately are those rich molasses in the initial palate with a side of brine and savoury notes. The middle has slight bitter wood to it, cherries, but despite that you get a bit continental aging influence coming through, a spattering of freshness and light funk even. In the finish, glue, oak and vanilla, pleasant and not overpowering, and wave after wave of raisins and dried longans!

This is another excellent demerara-style rum, and the absence of a marque just intrigues me even further. And while it says that its continentally aged, I have a nagging suspicion that this cask had spent a respectable amount of time in the tropics before moving to Europe because of how bold the flavours are. Certainly one of my favourites!


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