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Sake Reviews

Dassai's: Dassai 45, Dassai 39, Dassai 23, and Dassai Beyond


Dassai Beyond. Asahi Shuzo, Yamaguchi prefecture.

Each front label is hand-written by professional calligrapher, Ichiyu Yamamoto who is a member of the Nitten Association. The paper is traditional Japanese Mino-Washi.

The main line-up is a quartet of top sakes of different grades: Dassai 45, Dassai 39, Dassai 23, and Dassai Beyond. The numbers, which have become a part of Dassai’s brand identity, represent the rice-polishing ratio or seimaibuai. To best appreciate the achievement of DASSAI Beyond, I suggest that you taste it with DASSAI 23. The ultimate sake from Dassai, Beyond accomplishes the miracle of bringing both body and elegance to their pinnacle. On the nose, melon and floral. In the mouth, notes of pear, rose and citrus. Silky and elegant. Best combination with Yuba, karasumi, sashimi and seafood.

Not advised to go with strong food.


Image Courtesy of @sakedictionary


If food is the body of good living, sake is its soul.

Feed me Sake!!! A meal without Sake, is called Breakfast😂