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Emishiki Sensation


Emishiki Sensation from Shiga prefecture.

Kimoto starter for a truly modern and contemporary sake with hints of fresh peaches, & white lilies on the nose, peanut and butter On the palate, exceedingly clean with vanilla, apricots and golden kiwis. A proprietary yeast blend which includes hana-kobo (Flower Yeast) adds to the gorgeous & delicate mouthfeel overall.

This Sensation White uses Ginjo type yeast and has a slightly sweet taste with nice fragrance. Actually, Sensation series are brewed by Junmai Daiginjo class method but using Shiga local table rice in order to offer reasonable price.

Nuances of vanilla and banana. Texture is clean, fresh and soft.

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If food is the body of good living, sake is its soul.

Feed me Sake!!! A meal without Sake, is called Breakfast😂


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