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Aberfeldy 21 Years Old, 40% abv.


Aberfeldy 21, 40% abv.
The Aberfeldy distillery is geographically considered to be the "Heart of Scotland" and is the base for most of the Dewars blends. The Aberfeldy 21 is considered the flagship of the brand. This 750 ml version was matured in bourbon casks and bottled in 2005.
Nose: sweet cognac aroma, pickled cherries, mushy red fruit, hint of green grass and light floral notes, ripe oranges.
Palate: slight soured oaky flavor, sour tires...
Finish: non-existent

The nose suggests a sweet profile, but everything after is pretty mild. Everything tastes slightly short and sour, nothing special. Apparently other online reviewers aren't too crazy about it either.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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