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Aberlour 16, Double Cask Matured, 43% abv.


Aberlour 16, Double Cask Matured, 43% abv.

Aberlour is Gaelic for "mouth of the chattering burn," a stream near the distillery, but it seems like everything near that area is named "Aberlour". The distillery is part of Pernod Ricard and quite famous in France. Double cask matured (being matured in both oak and sherry casks) seems to be quite normal, or common, for Aberlour.

Nose: sweet, light prune juice, some sort of light chinese medicine. After a few sips hints of caramel and fruit.

Palate: light flavors, generally sweet, light elements of wood and honey, very very hard to explain but something between fruity and floral.

Finish: short, something akin to grapefruit and some other lighter citrus. After a few sips, the finish lasts longer, is a little fruity, like fruit roll-ups.

After all these years, this was my first @aberlour. This one was hard to understand, but I like it. Up front there was a standard wood presentation but lighter which led to a profile between fruit and vegetation, maybe even bread like. It was an interesting dram, didn't excel in any particular area, but offered light body in the the wood and fruit departments. The bartender recommended this bottling after noting how disappointed I was in Macallan Edition 1. Had this at Bar Listen, Seoul, South Korea.

Grade: B

Whiskyanalysis.com, 8.69 ± 0.17 on 14 reviews
Whiskyfun.com, Serge Valentin, sgp:451, 82 points
Whisky advocate, John Hansell, 90 points

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