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Akashi 12 Year Old, 1997-2010, Spanish Oak Sherry Butt, 17/102, 59% abv.



I believe Stefan introduced this bottling (as well as the white counterpart) as the motivation or beginning of the ghost stories/series? Someone correct me please! Interestingly, he mentioned that half of the bottlings went to Sweden!

Nose: moderate strength, oil, powdered tar, burnt lotus and burnt banana leaves, not sure if its going towards the herbal universe, the dark fruit caves, or the malty hemisphere. Does suggest what I usually denote as expired sherry.

Palate: dry, initial palate is a little metallic, not very sweet, mid palate shows a sort of lightly sweetened peat, tires, lotus leaves, medium herbal flavors, a good display of variety although unbalanced with each sip representing different parts, back palate seems to show more lotus and banana leaves relative to the mid palate, metallic. Strange but not.

Finish: medium to long, tar, oil, peat.

Should be my style, but something seems a little off. Unbalanced, but flavorful showing elements of peat, and both sweetness and herbalness from sherry casks. Might be conservative, but will use the other ghost series samples for constraints. Was either the 2nd or 3rd best pour from the seminar.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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