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Balvenie 1968 Vintage Cask



Balvenie 1968 Vintage Cask
Bottled: 2000
Aged Year: 32yo
Cask number: 7294
ABV: 50.8%
No. of bottles: 180


Tasting notes using Denver & Leily glass

Oranges, honey, apricots, apples and plums - proper summer ripe orchard collection in a sweet floral-honey glaze. A hint of beewax. With water: Good and balanced though rather mild. More perfume and orangey.

Very very strong and noticeable orange zest. Lots of flavour development. With water: Some dried fruit, toffee and mocha. Lime, a bit of oystery savouriness, fresh dates. Lightly smoke. Hint of menthol, mint.

Very long. Vibrant yet relaxed. Lemony. Dry. Warming. Turns very delicate with time.


Let’s not speak of other Balvenie’s casks and grain used with this one, this Balvenie has become way more than the sum of its parts.



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