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BenRiach 1994, 19 years, Sauternes Wood Finish, Cask #4797, 73/254, 55.4% abv.


BenRiach 1994, 19 years, Sauternes Wood Finish, Cask #4797, 73/254, 55.4% abv.

Nose: burnt steak black ends, lime, slightly sour.

Palate: initial sip has honey flavor and texture, sour, old steamed lotus leaves, some oak, sour wood... alot of sour notes.

Finish: medium to long, abv spice.

A little strange, many sour-like flavors, as expected from a Sauternes wood finish. Given the flavor profile, I couldn't really suggest this bottle to anyone, but it is a little special with a unique taste. I've noticed these flavors for sauternes wood finished whiskies, a mix of opposing flavors and aspects that give that impression of imbalance. Had this at Macallan Whisky Bar and Lounge, Macau.

Grade: D

Couldn't find quantifiable, reliable reviews.


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Eric Yee

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