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Black Gold 18, 1915-1934, American Medicinal Spirits Company


Black Gold 18, 1915-1934, American Medicinal Spirits Company, At Distillery Bonded Warehouse No. 19, 5th District of Kentucky, Permit No. KY.-P 19, Produced by Morris F. Westheimer, Distillery No. 63, 6th District Kentucky, 50% abv.

Black Gold is one of those brands under American Medicinal Spirits Company that went through Prohibition and the Great Depression. Although there doesn't seem to be much history behind the brand, there did seem to be multiple age statements for Black Gold, but each age appeared to be distilled at different places. This pour was recommended by the owner of Rogin's Tavern.

Nose: bbq chocolate, popcorn, quite nice and different.

Palate: very smooth, a good amount of oak and wood, some burnt oak, light spice. No smoke. Like most super vintage American malts, kt's quite hard to describe.

Finish: short, light wood.

Dry glass: waxy, lightly burnt popcorn.

Not as flavorful as the Old Sunny Brook pour I just had and it really helps define the amazingness of the Old Sunny Brook. Don't misunderstand me, this is also an amazing pour! Very smooth, has that super vintage bourbon texture and some good flavoring throughout, it's just really hard to describe it. Not the most oaky, but the burnt oak is pretty obvious. Not smokey, not exactly fruity, vegetative, perhaps slightly floral. Not salty or meaty. It's quite unique.

Grade: A


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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