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Bladnoch 1993-2013, Connoisseurs Choice, Gordon & Macphail, refill sherry hogsheads, 46% abv.


Bladnoch 1993-2013, Connoisseurs Choice, Gordon & Macphail, refill sherry hogsheads,46% abv.

Bladnoch was recognized as the southern most working distillery in Scotland. I say "was" because it is no longer in operation, having closed in 2014. The distillery is famous for its depressing history, a series of musical chairs with bankruptcies, liquidations, discontinuities, and ownership changes. This Bladnoch bottling by Gordon & Macphail is an interesting one because the year of distillation, 1993, was the year it was mothballed (but they opened one last time from 2000 to 2014), making this bottling one of the last casks from that generation.

Nose: sweet, ginger, honey, tropical fruits, sherry influence. All aromas weaken with time.

Palate: smooth, oaky. No smoke, no sweetness. A substandard flavor profile to be honest.
Finish: short, alcohol spice.

Nose is nice, but everything else is too weak to notice. This will actually be a recurring theme this night. Had this at @bar_nomad_korea on December 2017.

Grade: C-


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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