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Bowmore, 15 Years Old, Mariner, pre-2000, glass label with sea gulls and ship, 43% abv.


Bowmore 15 Mariner, pre-2000, glass label with sea gulls and ship, 43% abv.

This is an infamous bottling, more commonly connected with the term "french whore perfume", or fwp for short. Some Bowmores released in the 80's and 90's had a very insulting smell and taste, and so the term "french whore perfume" was associated with those Bowmores. The interesting thing is that Bowmore threatened legal action on public posters that used the term fwp... and thus started the downfall of the company. Eventually that weird juice was flushed out through the product line and Bowmore was able to resume its position as a top distillery. But this bottle is from before the recovery.

Nose: damp cellar, cheap high-school cosmetics, dirty wet cloths used to wipe tables, light hint of bandaids, background foundation of wood. The pre-surgery room at the hospital.
Palate: strange, sour wood, light on old soggy bread, like a weird "hollow" bitterness, lavender fresheners gone wary. Similar to a mellowed version of the bitter internal rind of american/yellow grapefruit, soapy.
Finish: short, like old wet bread.
Dry glass: wood and wax.

I have to agree it's fwp. Not that I know what fwp smells like, but my imagination is telling me so. Not an enjoyable dram, not enjoyable at all... so strange. Don't know what to say really, I'm at a loss of words at how bad it is.This is pretty bad.... and the bartender laughed.

Grade: F

Whiskyfun.com, similar bottling, "pointless"
Whiskyanalysis.com, 8.65 ± 0.44 on 7 reviews
Whiskysaga.com, Thomas Øhrbom, 88/100


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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