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Bowmore 16, 1997-2013, Blackadder, 263/284, 57.5% abv.


Bowmore 16, 1997-2013, Blackadder, 263/284, 57.5% abv.

Nose: major peat, smoke, smoked wood, over-bbq-ed vegetables. At a distance I get coconuts, ripe cherries, hints of fruit. Sweet bbq sauce, reminds me of Chinese beef jerky.

Palate: slightly smooth, an overall light fruit-like sweetness plays its notes throughout the tasting, initially flavorless, but changes to wood quickly, mid palate is wood which gets more intense with each sip, back palate is all that Islay goodness.

Finish: moderate, coconut flesh initially, but then it's overtaken by a young wood, burnt coal briquette flavor.

Its good, but typical of a teenage Bowmore, not too intense in any Islay aspect, but plays well within the bounds. It's a relative observation/opinion. I paid more attention to the subtle fruit notes and flavors this time. Had this at Abyss, Seoul, South Korea.

Grade: C+

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Eric Yee

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