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Bowmore Aston Martin Masters’ Selection Edition #3, 22-Years-Old, 51% ABV


We recently had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Bowmore and Beam Suntory, and got the opportunity to explore some amazing Bowmore expressions including this Aston Martin collaboration bottling.

This is the third edition of the very popular Bowmore - Aston Martin Masters’ Selection. According to Daryl Haldane, the brand rep, there is a pinch of 1980s Bowmore added to this expression for added depth.

Daryl explained to us how Bowmore came to collaborate with the iconic British car manufacturer Aston Martin. This partnership kicked off in 2017, coinciding with the launch of the Aston Martin DB5. To mark the occasion, Bowmore released a 3rd edition of the Black Bowmore, uniquely presented in a casing resembling an Aston Martin engine piston.



This collaboration didn't stop there, and they have gone on to create a range of limited edition Bowmore x Aston Martin expressions from 10 to 15 years, and also an annual release of a 22-year-old Aston Martin Masters’ Selection.

Much like 007, Bowmore Distillery itself owns a custom-made Aston Martin DBX. Bowmore’s guests arriving on the island could be picked up by Daryl himself in this vehicle, and they would be given on a quick spin across Islay on the beast of a machine.



The mental image of zipping through Islay in a DBX is certainly a thrilling start to the Bowmore whisky tasting experience.

For this bottling, the spirit had been matured in a combination of European oak Oloroso Sherry-seasoned casks and American oak hogsheads.

Let's taste it.

Bowmore Aston Martin Masters’ Selection Edition #3, 22-Years-Old, 51% ABV – Review

European Oak Oloroso Sherry and American Oak Casks



Colour: Dark amber.

Nose: The aroma is a step up in richness and complexity compared to the Bowmore 18 Years Old, a combination of treacle, toasted nuts and Chinese roasted chestnuts. Notes of wood polish indicate a well-aged spirit, along with a touch of savoury miso notes. It’s also mildly leathery, reminiscent of upholstery in a new car. All in all, the aromas are remarkably smooth, elegant and quite distinguished.

Palate: Medium bodied, it reveals a deep, rich influence of Oloroso and PX Sherry. Opens with the sweetness of a diverse array of both dark fruit and stewed fruits, and brown sugar syrup. And while these flavours are rich, they are clean and quite balanced, not overwhelming, closely resembling old sherried whiskies of the pre-1980s era when very high quality Sherry casks were available to whisky makers. It’s definitely a notch above many modern whiskies that rely on seasoned sherry casks. Smoke feels really subtle here, I’m just getting a touch of rich black tea.

Finish: The finish is clean, marked by sweet dessert wine, peppermint, Hack’s candy, oak dryness and a hint of leather. It wraps up the experience neatly, leaving a satisfying aftertaste.



My Thoughts

This whisky maintains a surprising brightness and cleanliness, when one might expect more pronounced dry oak notes for its intense flavours, colour and age.

From this expression, you can see how Bowmore's sherry-matured whiskies really shine when they cross the 20-year threshold. And we’re guessing it’s got something to do with the inclusion of some of their older whiskies from the 1980s.

The nose is most impressive, and the initial taste on the palate is really quite enjoyable. However, the finish, while pleasant, is somewhat typical of an above average Scotch. If only this had a slightly heavier body and a higher ABV, it would surely make this an incredible one that deserves an 8/10 or 9/10.

My Rating: 7/10


Suggested Dish Pairing: Oscietra Caviar with Toothfish and Cilantro Sauce


This limited edition release will be made available for purchase in 2024.