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Chichibu, 2010-2017, Fino Hogshead No. 2627, 68/293, 59.2% abv.


Chichibu, 2010-2017, Fino Hogshead No. 2627, 68/293, 59.2% abv.

For several years, Chichibu has released a limited and somewhat experimental bottle for the famous Chichibu whisk(e)y festival. This bottling was the “world’s best whisky” winner at the 2017 World Whisky Awards.

Nose: mostly butter, some vanilla, honey, burnt toast comes later with time and when my nose is a distance away.

Palate: some wood, some sherry, a little dry, light hints of that old steamed lotus leaves/tannic/expired sherry barrage, but admittedly it's not there yet, or maybe it's not in a potent form. That's about it... a little 1.1 dimensional on the tongue.

Finish: medium to long, generally sweet with the honey and sherry combination, light hints of young tofu later on though so I guess the compounds needed to build up in my initial masticular cavity, abv gets to the tongue.

I regret drinking this near the end as the Game series was loads better. There are good points, well bodied (not full bodied), a few discerning flavors, variety on the nose and finish, so it does cover all phases and it covers each phase quite well. Not sure if this experience is the fino influence... can't say I've had many fino finished whiskies. Although delicious and loads better than what's on the market in 2017-2018, I couldn't say it's special unfortunately. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of stuff for this Hanyu/Chichibu sitting.

Grade: C+

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Eric Yee

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