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Chorlton Cambus 25 Years Old


Chorlton Cambus 25. Single cask single grain aged in a sherry butt, only 42 bottles produced, 56.9% abv.

Nose: sweet, slight wood, slight nutmeg spice.

Palate: outer shell of frozen white grapes, then immediately changes to wood and wood-smoke at the end.

Finish: short, wood-smoke, bitterness remains though.

Some special flavors and really good! Nose is quite nice and that initial palate is super unique. I initially picked this bottle behind rows of bottles at Britons Protection just because of the label. The ladies were busy and the few I did get to talk to didn't seem to know their stock well. I'm so glad I tried this as it was definitely unique and memorable. Well done @chorltonwhisky!


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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